A New Framework for Learning

This morning I’m sharing a short video titled “The Learning Cycle: Consider, Construct, Confirm.” This is a 14 minute “nutshell” description and example of a teaching/lesson/curriculum design method that I have developed and outline in detail in my book, Consider, Construct, Confirm: A New Framework for Teaching and Learning.

I offer this now for two reasons. First, my main task during my sabbatical has been to complete the second edition (check), and to revise and complete the list of support videos that accompany the book (not quite check yet, but getting there). This video is one of those. The second reason is that this might be of particular benefit to teachers suddenly thrust into teaching in a very different manner–so might spur on some additional thinking as they redesign their lessons. I think it also might be useful to parents suddenly thrust into a much more active role in their child’s schooling.

And for all others, well, it might be of interest simply in terms of learning more about how the human brain learns and what that might mean for how we do school.


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